Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones

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Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones

If you know all the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, then it’s easier for you to decide whether you need a cell phone or not. But some people doubt whether it is worth buying a mobile phone or it is better to stay without it at all, so as not to sell the phone for parts or just not toss it into the far desk drawer.

The advantages of mobile phones

The advantages of a cell phone include:

1. The ability to quickly communicate with those people that you need. And also to always stay in touch. This is especially important for those people whose work is connected with a traveling lifestyle.


2. The ability to quickly find out news, view mail, go online.


3. A modern phone includes a camera, player, and also records video. The number of megapixels is enough to get high-quality photos, so there is no need to carry a camera everywhere.


4. By purchasing a phone for a child, you can be sure that your baby will always be in touch.

Disadvantages of phones

Even knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, you should think about whether to purchase a cell phone, because the disadvantages are:


1. The fact that mobile can cause headaches, provoke anxiety, cause Alzheimer’s disease. So consider the British scientists who conducted several scientific studies.


2. Prolonged surfing the Internet from the phone or reading books from it can also cause poor health, cause pain in the temples.


3. If a person often communicates by phone, then over time, he concludes that it is better to communicate on a cell than to see each other in life. And this is even though protecting a mobile phone from wiretapping is a large myth.


4. Mobile phones do not have lasting batteries, and if you have an essential conversation interrupted because the phone is down, this can cause a nervous breakdown.


5. Many are frightened off by the price of phones. Those that are cheap don’t inspire any confidence and have a high price become inaccessible to many.


6. Some phone owners do not like the fact that they often have to restore their balance. They would rather pay a certain amount once a month while taking any amount of time.

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