Safety Tips for Solo Female Traveler


Safety Tips for Solo Female Traveler

For a woman, traveling alone has many benefits. Solo travel often helps to get to know the locals and other travelers. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get to know yourself better (and to discover everything you can!).

Here are traveling tips that will help you feel safe when you decide to go on an adventure.

Trust your inspiration

When traveling, your feeling is your best friend. Listen to it well when you are abroad.If a situation seems suspicious, it is likely to be. If you can trust your senses when you are at home, why would it be different elsewhere?

Text regularly

Send text messages to friends and family a few times a day to tell them where you are, what you are doing, and what your plans are for the next few days.If you have a Wi-Fi connection, use apps like WhatsApp and IMO to send text messages and make free video calls.

Talk to the Hostel Staff

Spend each day at your hotel’s Staff desk to talk about your plans for the day and get tips on transportation and restaurant suggestions.This will ensure that hotel staff is aware of your activities, and it’s also an excellent way to know the safest places to visit.

Do not bring jewelry

Leave any shiny object that catches your eye. When traveling, you have no reason to wear nice jewelry or even to have it in your hotel room.

Avoid earphones

A woman who travels alone must be attentive and remain well aware of her surroundings. Even if you like to listen to your favorite songs on Spotify while walking in your city, this is not a good idea when you are on unfamiliar ground. Keep your hearing and sight sharp and always know what’s around you.

Ask about your destination

Before you go, use your social networking accounts to communicate with friends or friends of your friends who live in the place you plan to visit. The advice of people on the ground is always the best.

Do not be shy! Ask for specific suggestions of where women traveling will feel most secure. And do not hesitate to seek advice from people you meet on site. After all, getting in touch with the locals can completely change the experience you will have; you will be able to truly understand the place you are visiting rather than just being a tourist.

Avoid traveling at night

Of course, it is not always possible to avoid traveling at night. But as far as possible, try to avoid traveling by train, subway or taxi when it’s dark.

Do not give too much information to strangers

Keep information about where you live, your personal life, and your travel itinerary.You never know who can listen when you mention the name of your hotel to a waiter. And the last thing you want is to receive a surprise visit from a stranger.

Say it’s not your first visit

If you doubt the intentions of someone who asks you questions, tell them that this is not your first visit to the country (even if it’s not true). You will be less likely to be scammed (or worse!) If you give the impression of knowing the place.


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